Download the Registration Form registration_form_2015.pdf and the Question Paper exceptional_wine_services_award_2015_-_1st_round.pdf

Completed forms and entries are to be submitted by fax no later than 31 May 2015. Late entries will not be considered. Contestants proceeding to the Second Round of assessments will be contacted telephonically.

  1. Candidates must be a minimum of 21 years of age.
  2. Candidates may be of any nationality but must be resident and employed in South Africa.
  3. Candidates must be employed in the service of food and wine at the time of entry and have minimum of three years’ experience in this field in the Hospitality Industry.
  4. Candidates are not required to have any formal training or Sommelier qualification.
  5. All answers can be typed or hand written.
  6. Answers should be clearly numbered.
  7. Candidates name must appear on every page of answers.
  8. Previous winners are excluded from entering again.

Candidates will be expected to have a thorough understanding of wine and food service and will be tested on any number of the following:

  • wine styles & terminology
  • wine label information
  • wine regulations
  • regions of origin
  • major international wine regions and their wines
  • identifying wines in a blind tasting
  • service techniques
  • food and wine pairing
  • wine storage
  • social skills and ability to interact with the patron