The Bollinger Exceptional Wine Service Award has been established to bring focus and recognition of achievement to the growing group of professional wine waiters in South Africa.

Sponsored by Champagne Bollinger and with infrastructural support from Riedel Glassware, this annual competition is intended to be an inclusive, industry-wide initiative. It serves to advance the interests of fine wine producers as well as those who make their living from the sale of wine in the hospitality industry, be it in establishments such hotels, lodges or restaurants.

The competition is open to those currently employed in the service of food and wine and with a history of a minimum three years of such service in the industry.

Contestants will be required to have substantial knowledge of the local wine scene and of the professional service of both food and wine. Insofar as the international wine market is concerned, contestants will be expected to have an adequate knowledge of classical appellations and their typical wine styles. More importantly, however, the contest will examine the ability of those selling wine in the on-consumption environment to relate what is produced in South Africa to the expectations of international visitors more familiar with the major wine producing regions of the world.